About Us

Lani Wines is the trading name of Hangzhou Lani Trading Company. The name ‘Lani’ [拉妮] is a combination the names of our daughters Beila (‘La’) and Beini (‘Ni’). We are based in Xihu District, Hangzhou. We are a distributor [B2B] as well as a retailer [B2C] of fine wine, beer and soft drinks.

Our goal in business is to find quality products from trusted importers and share those with our valued customers in Hangzhou and around Zhejiang Province. We don’t aim to be big or to stock every wine or beer label out there; our objective is to find and share great products at affordable prices. And if we don’t like it, we won’t sell it. Our portfolio includes wines and beers from countries like France, Italy, Chile, South Africa and the US, but our expertise is Australian and New Zealand wines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sell quality beers, wines and soft drink in China that are great value and taste. We aim to represent smaller companies in the growing and maturing Chinese market. We live and work in China, and every day we are in contact with our customers, learning about their tastes and preferences. We only sell products that we have personally tried and passed our test for quality and value. Our expertise is Australia and New Zealand products, so most of the beers, wines and soft drinks on the Lani Wines website will be from these regions.

Our Products

Wine provenance is important for us.

It seems quite a regular occurrence in China. The media seem to routinely report police swooping on the operations of counterfeiters producing rip offs of famous brand wines. The news is easy to find- just Google it. But before then, many of those wines have ended up online, in shops and in restaurants. We have personally seen imitations of big brands on the shelves of local shops, or even in big supermarkets. And some of the prices quoted are just simply too cheap to be real.

So who can you trust when buying wine?

At Lani Wines, we deal directly with the importers and they ship directly from their warehouses to our offices. When needed, they also provide us with the custom’s paperwork detailing the importation of the wines.

That’s why we guarantee the origins and quality of the wines we sell.


A significant part of our business is supplying restaurants, cafes and other businesses around Hangzhou and Zhejiang with imported wine, beer and soft drink.

We offer personalized service, very reasonable whole sale prices and trade credit for approved customers.

If you would like to cooperate/ work together with Lani Wines, send us an email or contact us via Wechat.


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Xi Hu District, Hangzhou, 310012

Phone: (+86) 0571 853 01286
Email: sales@lani-wines.com

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